La primavera, en puntas

En 1796, el coreógrafo Charles Didelot llenó el escenario de bailarines que volaban colgados de cables invisibles en su ballet Flore et Zéphyr. Sin embargo, lo que deslumbró al público fue que las bailarinas se elevaran sobre las puntas de sus pies.

Feliz primavera.

Marie-taglioni-in-zephireIn 1796, choreographer Charles Didelot made dancers fly across the stage, hunging from invisible wires in his ballet Flore et Zéphyr. However, what really dazzled the audience was that probably for the first time, women actually danced on pointe.

Happy Spring

* Image: Maria Taglioni in Zéphyr et Flore (around 1830-35). Didelot himself re-named his ballet in 1808, after his last staging of the piece in St. Petersburg for the French dancer Louis Duport.

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